Thursday, April 28, 2016

Exclusive: The next Palin baby drama - Jordan Loewe, Track Palin's former girlfriend, whom he assaulted, is pregnant with Track's child - UPDATES

Jordan Loewe and Track Palin: A rocky relationship

By Patrick

We need a new post, but the pure thought of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and their friends just makes me sick. I also don't know what to say about these sad individuals any more, who hopefully will fade into history after being resoundingly defeated by the US voters.

Thankfully, we have received very interesting news from Alaska. As you all know, we always had an excellent network there, and we had our fair share of scoops about the Palins since we started blogging. Today, we have the another scoop: From an extremely reliable source from Alaska we received the information that Jordan Loewe is pregnant with Track Palin's child.

This is a rather dramatic development after the complete breakdown of Jordan Loewe's relationship to Track Palin, following his brutal assault on her

Therefore the next Palin baby drama is on the horizon, and we can only hope that the whole affair won't be as "belligerent" as many of the other "Palin dramas" which we had to witness during the previous years.

This will also very likely be Sarah Palin's third "official" grandchild born out of wedlock (after Bristol's two children).

Track already has a daughter which his former wife Britta Hanson, with the marriage lasting just 18 months.

What is there more to say? Do we need to remind everybody that Track Palin not just assaulted Jordan Loewe (read the police report), but also played a notable role in the big Palin brawl from September 2014, where he also prominently "flipped the bird" to various guests.

Excerpt from police report about Track Palin's assault on Jordan Loewe

Authorities responded to multiple 911 calls at the Palin family home, where he and girlfriend Jordan Loewe told authorities they had fight, according to an affidavit obtained by KTVA Alaska.

Track was found with a visible injury to his right eye and smelled of alcohol, according to the report. He was "uncooperative, belligerent, and evasive," the reports says, and his blood alcohol level was 0.189 percent.

Loewe was later discovered hiding under a bed on the property, and told authorities that Track had punched her in the face and kicked her in the right knee. Loewe had "bruising and swelling around her left eye," according to the affidavit.

Loewe told officers that Track had also threatened to shoot himself with an AR-15 assault rifle.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Palin's family attorney John Tiemessen said: "We appreciate the press respecting the family's privacy as Track receives the help that he and many of our returning veterans need."

According to the court documents, Track remained in custody until an arraignment was held later that day when bail was set at $1,500.

Track is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 19, and again on March 24.

The U.S. Army veteran has had multiple other run-ins with the law dating back to 2007, mostly for traffic violations like speeding. Most of his charges are in Alaska, except for one traffic-related incident in Arizona.

In December of 2012, Track was back in court, this time filing for divorce from his high school sweetheart, who he was married to for one year.

Most recently, the entire Palin family was involved in an alleged backwoods brawl in late 2014, in which onlookers told PEOPLE that Bristol Palin repeatedly punched a man in the face. Another source told the media that Track had lost a tooth in the fight.

Jordan Loewe removed all photos of Track and her on Instagram after the incident.

Just as Donald Trump and Sarah Palin love to "flip the bird" to everyone who does not adore them and sing their poisoued tunes...

Well, that's it for today. There can apparently never be enough Palin baby dramas. What is Bristol doing these days, by the way? I do hope that she is a good girl.

Picture: Jordan Loewe's Instagram






The lastest: We were informed by our impeccable source in Alaska that Jordan Loewe and Track Palin are back together again. They separated for a few months after the assault incident.

Just for clarification: We do not know how far along Jordan Loewe is in her pregnancy.



The latest developments in Track Palin's upcoming criminal trial: According to the Alaska Court Records, there is another pre-trial conference scheduled for the 10th May 2016, and then another "trial call" for the 25th May 2016.

Track is indicted on three counts, all "Class A Misdemeanors":

Charge one: Assault in the 4th degree - Reckless Injury
Charge two: Interfere with report of DV crime
Charge three: Possession of weapons while intoxicated

It remains to be seen what impact the "renewed" relationship between Track and Jordan as well as Jordan's pregnancy will have on the trial.

Screenshots from the Alaska Court Records, many thanks to our reader junasie14 (click to enlarge):

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Springtime in Frankfurt - Open Post

By Patrick

We need a new post, but I am not really in the mood the write something about politics right now. We had beautiful weather today in Frankfurt, just the right weather to take some pictures. Spring has arrived, and I hope that my photos will "get you in the mood." 

I heard that in other parts of the world the weather is not great right now, but I do hope that we will all have a lovely summer in the end. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Click on pictures to enlarge (or right-click and open in new tab, for full-size).

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ted Cruz defends the gay-haters: The demands by radical pastor Kevin Swanson, who wants the death penalty for "homosexuals", if they do not "repent", are part of "practising our faith"

Ted Cruz and insane person Kevin Swanson: "Kill the Gays" is part of their faith

By Patrick

While we and many others focused on Donald Trump during the recent months, there is of course somebody else we should be concerned about as well, and we certainly haven't forgotten about him: Senator Ted Cruz, who wants to become the President and the Ayatollah of the USA, and who wants to seriously transform the USA into a Christian fundamentalist country.

However, very often, Ted Cruz "is getting away" with his extreme religious views: He is a very experienced "talker", famous for his sharp debating skills which he successfully developed and practised as a student. Therefore, it is not often the case that he is "caught in the act", as he often manages to hide his real views with polished language, and he certainly is also an expert when it comes to avoiding tough questions. These are the skills which eventually might earn him the Republican nomination, considering that Donald Trump is currently on the verge of self-destruction.

But if you take a closer look, it is pretty easy to discover what "faith" really means to Ted Cruz. It is apparent that Ted Cruz's "faith" includes the right to hate, oppress and even kill others. In this respect, he is no different from radical Islamists, who believe the same, just the other way round.

If one is looking for a good case to highlight Ted Cruz's extremism, his relationship to insane preacher Kevin Swanson is the ideal case study.

Kevin Swanson is a pastor radio braodcaster from Colorado, who hosted an anti-gay "religious liberty" conference in November 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa, and three of the featured guests of this conference were: Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, and Ted Cruz.

But words are not enough to explain the vulgarity of this event. "Anti-gay" is not a term which shocks people any more. What Kevin Swanson said during this conference really needs to be seen in order to be believed.

Samantha Bee thankfully published a summary, which is a good starter - this is a must-see clip, also great for sharing:

Yes, Kevin Swanson said a lot of very inflammatory and very dangerous things during this conference, as well as other crazy things. This man clearly is insane. The fact that people like him have the influence to be visited by "high ranking guests" like Ted Cruz is just beyond belief. Many Americans might be frightened by "Muslims", but there is much more reason to be frightened by Christian extremists in their own country, like Kevin Swanson.

Just watch this - CLIP 1:



At this conference, Ted Cruz comes on stage and is being greeted by Kevin Swanson, who then starts a "Q & A" session with him.


Rachel Maddow showed a report about this event:

"The Young Turks" also had a very good report:

"Bonus" clip, not related to this conference - according to Kevin Swanson, the Girl Scouts turn children into lesbians:

Now comes the really interesting part, which exposes Ted Cruz for the evil person he truly is:

Ted Cruz was a few days later asked by CNN about the fact that he attended this anti-gay conference, and the presenter asked Ted Cruz whether he "endorsed conservative intolerance."

So how did Ted Cruz respond? Did he actually admit that it was possibly wrong to execute gays, and that these people like Kevin Swanson were "intolerant"...?

No, that's not how Ted Cruz responded.

As mentioned above, Ted Cruz is a highly skilled debater. That clearly was an inconvenient question by CNN, although also a fully justified question. So Cruz decided to unlock his arsenal of debate weapons, and gave the following reaction:

1. First response: Ignore the question.
2. Ted Cruz "doesn't know what the gentleman (Kevin Swanson) has said or hasn't said."
3. Then he goes straight to the issue of "religious liberty", which has been his"passion" for "decades." Also, under the Obama-adminstration, there has been an "assault on religious liberty from the Federal government", and so on.


So Ted Cruz did not even try to defend himself in this interview, which he gave several days after the conference. He skillfully deflected the question, and clearly was not concerned at all to have attended an event which celebrated religious hate. He also did not bother to answer the question whether people like Kevin Swanson are "intolerant."

I get the impression that Ted Cruz believes that only those people who disturb him in hating others are "intolerant."

While this gay-hating conference was just "talk" and does not have immediate consequences on US politics, people in other parts of the world are not that lucky. For example, Kevin Swanson and his fellow gay-haters are active supporters of anti-gay legislation in Africa, for example in Uganda. This legislation, which includes life imprionment and the death penalty for gays, has been defended by Kevin Swanson, as should come as no surprise for anyone who watched the clips I posted above.

Fortunately, the latest development, the "Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act" from 2014 had been ruled invalided by the Constitutional Court of Uganda, and it seems that it won't be re-introduced.

The sad thing is that in other parts of the Western World, a politician who attended such a gay-hating conference would never ever be invited again by any TV-network, and would never be taken seriously again. He or she would be a "persona non grata", and would be close to prosecution for hate crimes. However, in the USA, it remains a very sad fact that this person could very well be the next candidate for US president of one of the two main political parties - and his rival in this race is a celebrated racist and bully.

There is a "postscript" to this report, because several months later, in February 2016, Ted Cruz's suddenly said that it was a "mistake" to attend the gay-hating conference in November 2015.

A "mistake"...!

Don't worry, Ted, hardly anyone noticed.

Have a good weekend, everybody!



I just saw that Ted Cruz's father, Rafael Cruz, was a speaker that this 2015 "National Religious Liberty Conference" as well, which makes Ted's assertion that it was a "mistake" to attend this conference even more ridiculous. They knew very well who they were associated with!

However, video from the conference is hard to find apart from the clips which were posted by "Right Wing Watch" on the internet.

Screenshot from the conference webpage (click to enlarge):



"Right Wing Watch" just posted yesterday about another one of Ted Cruz's crazy "pastors", with lots of frightening info:



Today (April 12, 2016), "Ring Wing Watch" published an unexpected update on the story regarding Kevin Swanson's "National Religious Liberty Conference." 

Just yesterday, Ted Cruz was confronted in a radio show, the "John and Ken Show", about his appearance at the conference. Cruz then denied that he agrees with Kevin Swanson's views, and claimed that he "denounced them at the time." This is of course a bold lie, and "Right Wing Watch" correctly states that Ted Cruz now wants to rewrite history.

(h/t KarenJ)



Extensive video recordings from Kevin "kill the gays" Swanson's conference can be viewed in full here.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's comedy time: More cartoons about Donald the Drumpf, and brilliant clips with Stephen Colbert - UPDATE: Today, Sarah Palin provided the best comedy with her "speech" in Wisconsin!

By Patrick

Like it or not, Donald Trump continues to dominate the headlines. It's just like a reality show: What stupid, insulting, demeaning, moronic or revolting statement will the Donald make today? How will the media react? How will the GOP react? What will his opponents say? Can he still be stopped, and if so, how? Will Trump say something stupid, or just tweet it? What journalist will be beaten up next? Will somebody get killed in the end? So many questions, and a lot of time to discuss them, on TV, the internet and on social media.

Let's focus on the comical side of this spectacle again. It's just the best way to survive the insanity. Here are more very nice cartoons:

In addition, here are some brilliant clips with Stephen Colbert:

Published today, on March 31:

Published in March 15:

Published on March 1:

BONUS - who else was there? Of course, John Oliver!

Well, this should be enough for now! One day, the insanity will be gone, promised! :-)



Today, Sarah Palin gave a "speech" on behalf of Donald Trump in Wisconsin, but it was of course her usual mix of talking gibberish and trying to be folksy at the same time.

But the fact that she gave the speech in front of an "establishment" GOP audience made it particularly embarrassing as well as amusing. The members of the audience looked dazed and confused, and gave only very mild applause.

Here is the video, but be warned, there is no reason, no logic, no intelligent thought to be found anywhere - it is just very sad and confusing:

My IQ dropped at least five points while watching this "speech", so I am sorry iv ju du nod anderstand miiiii ani mure....

Twitter virtually exploded with negative comments about Palin's speech, for example:




Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Easter, everybody! - Also, we have another Disqus-problem - Open Post - UPDATE: The Disqus-problem has been solved!

By Patrick

Happy Easter, everybody! Just a short post - and I don't want start talking about politics at the moment. I need a little break from the daily insanity, and Easter is a good time for that.

As some people have certainly noticed, we have quite a serious new Disqus-problem. It does not seem to affect everybody, but on our computers, we cannot see the actual comments any more. Just on one computer, with Firefox, I can see them, but not with Chrome or any other browser. On the other laptop, we cannot see the comments at all. Very mysterious!

Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. We haven't changed anything, and I do hope that Disqus will resolve this problem soon.

Kathleen and I have visited my parents, and we had a very enjoyable time with them. My mother has put up some very nice Easter decorations, which we thought we would share with you.

Have a good time, and please chat away in the comments.



We have very good news! The pesky "Disqus-problem" has been solved, at least for now.

This is what happened:

For quite a long time already, "Blogger" sends visitors from different countries to sites with different "country-codes", so to speak. If a reader comes from the USA and arrives at "Politicalgates", the reader sees the ".com" ending. A reader from the UK sees "", from Germany ".de", and so on.

So far this never affected Disqus, but a few days ago, everything got messed up. The US-readers could now only read the comments from US-readers, and could not see the other comments, and the visitors from "outside" could also not see the US-comments. As I said, a real mess.

This has been discussed today on the internal Disqus discussion forum...

...and fortunately, an easy solution has been found, which is being explained in this post.

Basically, you have to insert a code into your blogger template, and the blog will then always redirect to the ".com" domain, which again creates an "unified" comment section, just like it has always been the case.

It is not complicated - follow the instruction on this page, and look for the "head" tag in your blogger template, which appears after about 20 lines. After the "head" tag, you have to paste the additional code. Just press enter and copy and paste the short additional HTML-code which is being provided in the article mentioned above into your blogger template, after the "head" tag. Then save the template, and that's it!

So it seems that we can now enjoy the comments together again, hopefully without any further glitches!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The USA will now face the ultimate test - My thoughts for the weekend

By Patrick

"The racists and the white supremacists never had anybody they could vote for, now they do."
(Quote by Kathleen, 5 minutes ago)

The time has come to find out how strong US democracy really is. A right-wing extremist candidate who successfully disguised himself as a Republican will soon be crowned the GOP-candidate for the most important position in the world, and we all witnessed how this happened, and who is to blame. As was already apparent when Sarah Palin became a political "star" eight years ago, the US media is ill-equipped to deal with extreme candidates. For the media, it's entertainment first, and politics second. Donald Trump undoubtedly provides great entertainment. It should therefore come as no surprise that the media grants interviews to Donald Trump on a daily basis.

The problem is that a large part of the US population now believes that the madman Donald Trump is actually a viable candidate. How many Americans really believe that, remains to be seen, however, the number is certainly growing rapidly. Donald Trump exploited the media far better than his GOP-opponents, and they paid the price. He needed to spend very little on advertisement, because he usually received it for free, courtesy of the gracious US media.

There the USA will now face the ultimate test. If things go the wrong way, then political and economical chaos will follow. It is virtually impossible to imagine the horrific consequences of a Trump-presidency.

One might think that it is impossible that Donald Trump becomes President of the United States. I am far from certain, because "radical" ideas, once they become "mainstream", can develop a very special attraction. Well, a "fatal attraction", so to speak. Easy solutions for simple minds. And let's face it, there are a lot of "simple minds", everywhere, in every country! Why listen to complicated policy ideas when you can just "build a wall"....?

One of the worst things is the fact that Donald Trump has so far been pretty successful by being an obnoxious and racist bully, who openly encouraged violence against protesters, and who has no hesitation to insult and demean his opponents. Nobody was really prepared for that, and nobody has found the antidote yet. Now it will be Hillary's task to save the world. I can only wish her lots of luck, because she will need it.

Kathleen and I will be away over the weekend - have a great weekend, and have fun commenting, everybody!



Apparently an advert can be seen between the post and the comments. We cannot see it, because we use Adblock Plus (click link to install) on our browsers, and this very useful browser-extension is available for all the main browsers. 

I do not know what exactly is going on, as in the past adverts could only be enabled by the blog owners. However, we have not enabled adverts and also receive no benefit from them. Blogger is a Google-company, and blog owners can enable "Google AdSense" in order to make money with adverts, but we have not done this.


Our reader "Endless Summer" alerted us to the fact that this is actually a new problem with Disqus. I now tried to change the Disqus-settings, and the adverts should now disappear. However, it is possible that this won't work straight away. Again, I strongly advise to use Adblock Plus. 

People all over the internet today have the same problem, as Disqus quietly changed the settings - adverts are now enabled by default.